EMS Pain Management Measures


​Patients experiencing pain and or seeking relief of their pain is very common in the prehospital setting.  Pain may manifest itself in a variety of ways.  It is as important to treat the patient's pain as it is to call attention to the patient's pain upon delivering the patient to an emergency room.  It is not always possible to treat pain in the prehospital settings.  Often times advanced diagnostic testing is required even after the physicians evaluation before pain treatment may begin.  This chart demonstrates the percentage of adult patients with pain, valued at 7 or greater on a 10 point scale, who received a pain intervention (morphine administrated or splinting) by prehospital personnel.

pain intervention 2015
  • The percentage of adult patients with pain (value of 7 or greater on a 10 point scale) that received a pain intervention by EMS personnel. 


EMS CQI Measures:

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