Local System Orientation Examination


The Local System Orientation Examination is a requirement (Policy 214) for all providers entering the Santa Clara County EMS System. The exam is designed to assess an individual’s knowledge of Santa Clara County policies and procedures, treatment protocols, radio communications, hospital/facility destination policies, and other unique system features to ensure providers are prepared to enter into service within our EMS System. Separate versions of the exam will be provided to EMT's and paramedics. The paramedic version also includes the paramedic accreditation exam.

The exam consists of 50 questions and a score of 85% or higher is required to successfully pass the exam. Those who do not obtain a passing score will be required to return and retake the exam at one of the scheduled exam testing dates.


Prior to taking the Local System Orientation Examination, all providers are required to watch the EMS System training videos as well as read the Santa Clara County Prehospital Care Policy manual. Please review each policy to ensure an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of paramedics and EMT’s working within the Santa Clara County EMS System. 


Reservations for the exam shall be made by using the Eventbrite link below to schedule an exam date/time.  Duplicate registrations will be removed. 

Each Exam will have a limited number of openings in efforts to ensure proper social distancing. Each person testing will be assigned a specific 15 minute window of when they are to arrive for the exam. You will not be allowed to test unless you arrive to the classroom during your specific timeframe. We recommend that you arrive prior to your scheduled time and wait in your car until the appropriate time frame. If you are unable to make it during the time frame you have been assigned or decide to cancel from the exam you are required to notify the EMS Agency at least 24 hours prior to the Exam, or by cancelling through your Eventbrite ticket. Individuals that fail to attend their scheduled exam without notice will have their EMS Provider notified of the no call/no show.

Exams will be held at the EMS Agency Office. 

Registration is mandatory, and walk-ins will not be allowed.  

Please only sign-up for one exam time slot. Duplicate registrations will be removed. 

Registration will only be scheduled through this link: Eventbrite EMS Exam Link

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