Ambulance Permits

Requirements for applying for and obtaining ambulance service permits are identified in the following source documents:

County of Santa Clara Health and Welfare Code [Chapter XVI “Ambulance Permits]

County of Santa Clara Ambulance Permit Regulations

County of Santa Clara Emergency Medical Services policies  

EMS Fee Schedule

Permit applications must conform to the requirements stated in Section A18-264 of the County of Santa Clara Health and Welfare Code [Ambulance Permits].  The content of the application must also meet the requirements as identified in the Health and Welfare Code, the Ambulance Permit Regulations, and all applicable Emergency Medical Services policies.

Pursuant to Section A18-274, a non-refundable fee as identified in the EMS Fee Schedule is due with every application. (annual service permit fee)

Communication equipment requirements and specifications will be provided by the EMS Agency upon request.

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