Permitted Air Ambulance Providers

The County permits several air resource providers, which include air ambulances and rescue aircraft. These resources primarily provide critical patient transportation when requested by the incident commander or established automatic flight areas. Air resources may also be used to provide first response services in the rural areas of the County.

Air resource providers operate in accordance with State regulations; Santa Clara County Prehospital Care Policy; Santa Clara County Ordinance Code, including associated Ambulance Permit Regulations; and any additional contracts and/or agreements established with the County.

The County may request the assistance of municipal, county, state, or federal air resources that are not permitted by the County. Reasons for such may include the need to transport personnel or supplies, provide event intelligence support, provide an airborne command platform, provide emergency patient transportation, provide rescue services, etc. ​​

The following ambulance providers have been permitted to operate within Santa Clara County. For further information please click on the providers name to view their individual websites.






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