Non 911 Permitted Ground Ambulance Providers

Non-EOA contracted ambulance services support 911 System operations as necessary. This may include assistance during periods of high call volume, multi-casualty incidents, and potential or actual disaster situations. When used in the 911 System, non-EOA contracted ambulance services operate in the same fashion as the EOA contracted ambulance service provider. Non-contracted EOA ambulance services may provide care and associated services at the BLS, ALS, or critical care transport level depending on the type of permits issued by the EMS Agency. Non-EOA contracted ambulance service providers operate in accordance with State regulations; Santa Clara County Prehospital Care Policy; Santa Clara County Ordinance Code, including associated Ambulance Permit Regulations; and any additional contracts and/or agreements established with the County.

The following ambulance providers have been permitted to operate within Santa Clara County. For further information about each provider please click on the providers name to view their individual websites. 

​​American Medical Response-logo
​​American Medical Response
Bay Medic Company Logo

Bay Medic Ambulance

Falcon Ambulance-logo
Falcon Ambulance
NorCal Ambulance Service-logo
NorCal Ambulance Service
​ProTransport - 1 Ambulance Service-logo
​ProTransport - 1 Ambulance Service
​Royal Ambulance Service-logo
​Royal Ambulance Service
Westmed Ambulance Service-logo
Westmed Ambulance Service

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